How to improving your on-camera skills

How to improve your on-camera presentation skills

17 June 2020

These days we’re spending more and more time on our computers and meeting virtually via video conferencing. In a new REINSW Webinar, Australian television presenter and producer Lochie Daddo shares his secrets to success when it comes to being on-screen.

Daddo has performed a variety of roles throughout a long and successful career but is perhaps best known for the decade he spent working on the popular travel program Getaway.

For Daddo, combining his skills and experience as a presenter with his long-held interest in the real estate industry seemed a natural progression.

“After a number of years it was a matter of bringing those two passions together – one for presenting and telling stories, and the other passion I had for real estate – so I became an auctioneer in 2012 and that has led me to where we are now.”

While Daddo has been an auctioneer for the past eight years, at the same time he has continued to run a production company with an emphasis on “great storytelling”.

“We work with brands and individuals to help tell their stories. One of my great joys is bringing a passion and a purpose to what people are saying, that’s why I want to be here and help everyone as much as I can,” he says.

Whether presenting, producing or auctioneering, Daddo believes in a simple method to get the best results.

“Working with people, engaging people, listening to stories and asking great questions – that’s what it’s all about,” he says.

The new world through video

Webinar host Nerida Wood asked Daddo his views on the new world of digital communication: “We’ve all suddenly had to embrace a whole lot of different techniques, and video conferencing seems to be the way we’ll continue, even though we can go back and do our auctions on-site – how do you feel about that?”, she said.

“Absolutely, you just have to speak to people now to know that things aren’t going to 100 per cent go back to the way they were,” Daddo responded.

“Video conferencing and video communication have been slowly building over time. Now we’ve been pushed into it a little bit more, and it is something that’s going to be here from now on and become part of our everyday.”

Using video communication to your advantage

Daddo believes it’s very important to consider how you can best utilise the power of video conferencing to get your message across.

“Nobody loves being in front of a camera – I had to do it, it was my job – but now it’s everybody’s job no matter what you do. Especially from a real estate point of view, you’ve got to showcase your properties, you’ve got to do market wraps,” he says.

“There are all these opportunities for you to stand in front of a camera and tell your story and put yourself in the best position as a market leader within your area. Video is a really powerful way to do that.”

Key tips for effective video communication

Daddo’s top tips for communicating effectively and engaging your audience on a video conference include:

  • Set yourself up properly before the meeting to look appropriate and feel comfortable and confident.
  • Turn your own camera off and focus on the other people rather than being distracted by what you look like.
  • Engage with your audience by looking through the camera to the other side – as if somebody is sitting there.
  • If you can’t see the audience (for example during a webinar), picture a small group of people you’re comfortable speaking to, such as family and friends.
  • Do your homework and truly understand not only what you’re going to talk about, but also what you hope to achieve.
  • Have all the key information at your fingertips, including everything you would normally rely on for a face-to-face meeting.

To learn more about the art of telling stories through video in the real estate sector, watch the Webinar: On camera skills – presentation and communication

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