Get over it: Leadership is not all about you!

Leadership is talked about a lot in the real estate industry. But what attributes does an agent need to have to be a great real estate leader? 

By CAROLINE BOLDERSTON, Real Estate Performance Coach and Director of Being Bold.

Leadership can be defined in many ways. There’s inspirational leadership, motivational leadership, innovative leadership and leading from the front leadership. However you define it, one thing is certain – a leader is a person who’s clear on a vision, can guide and steer teammates towards that vision, and (surprise, surprise) walks their talk.
Leadership is about committing to be the best you can be and having the ability to bring the best out in others. It’s also about having the confidence to create space for others to believe in a shared vision, fully express their skills and spread their wings for growth. Impactful leaders champion excellence, expect nothing but the best and are unapologetic about creating a culture of accountability.

As a peak performance coach, I’ve been fortunate to work with lots of real estate businesses and the best of them have something in common. They have a keen focus on leadership at all levels. They understand that by investing in and inspiring every team member to become incredible leaders, they’ll create a passionate, thriving and harmonious environment where everybody wins, not just those at the top.

I’ve seen outstanding leadership at all levels – from an 18-year-old at the front desk, through to a 50-year-old rookie sales agent and everything in between. Becoming a leader in whatever role you play in a team, at whatever stage you are at in your career, is the fastest way to achieve career fulfilment and personal success. Being the person that others listen to, follow and respect has immeasurable rewards – and who wouldn’t want that?

Here are my top 5 attributes for real estate leaders

1. Clarity of purpose.

Great leaders know what it is that they want to achieve, where they and the team are heading, and why they do what they do.

2. Outstanding communication skills.

Being a master of active listening, effective questioning and having the ability to speak plainly and with clear intention is key. To be a great leader, you must be able to share a vision with others in a way that engages everyone and ensures they’re eager to jump onboard.

3. Crystal-clear expectations.

The strongest leadership comes with structure and benchmarks around performance. How can you achieve excellence without the clear framework of knowing how high to climb?

4. A decisive approach.

You need to be prepared to back yourself and what you believe in. Great leaders are ruthless when it comes to making decisions to protect culture, to innovate and to implement change. They don’t make rash decisions, but instead make bold decisions by provoking thought and challenging the status quo.

5. Humility.

True leadership happens when you (finally) get over yourself! It’s about being self-aware and knowing that it’s not about how good you are, but rather how great you can be at supporting and helping others to be amazing.