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That's right, more social engineering scams

The frequency of network security breaches continues to rise. Are you protected?

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Get serious about cyber security

Is your cybersecurity enough? A law firm recently loses over $200,000 in a social engineering scam.

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NCAT 101

Your guide to understanding NCAT and preparing your case.

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Why transitioning to your licence is better for your career

There's no better time to evaluate the longevity of your career than the new year.

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Phishing for funds

Is your cybersecurity enough? A law firm recently loses over $200,000 in a social engineering scam.

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Why property managers should recommend landlords' insurance

There are very real risks involved in managing uninsured rental properties. Here's why you should encourage landlords to take out the right insurance.

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Agents dealt harsh consequences for underquoting

What the Federal Court decided in a misleading and deceptive conduct case saw an agent charged with underquoting.

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Can you keep your real estate agent’s licence if you have a criminal conviction?

Peter Moran of Colin Biggers & Paisley discusses a new NCAT case, following on from his July article: Are you a fit and proper person?

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Protection against employee claims

You do everything you can to meet the needs of your clients, but what about your employees? Jenna Sammut, Account Manager at JLT, explains how you can reduce the risk of employee claims.

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Social engineering scams – every business is at risk

Two global leaders in insurance explain social engineering scams and what you can do to limit your vulnerability.

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The 4 WHYs of professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance is a legal requirement for real estate agents, but why is it so important?

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Are you a fit and proper person?

The answer is not simply about how you operate now, but is determined by your past and future actions.

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Spotlight on underquoting

Agents across NSW have been hit with fines for underquoting. Do you know the laws and your obligations?

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Public liability or professional indemnity? What's the difference?

With so many insurance products on the market, how do you know what cover you need?

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Are you cyber-prepared?

Cyber-attacks are growing and without the right protection, your business is at risk.

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