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Everything you need to know about the Industry Reforms

Industry Reforms, it’s a term that’s been thrown about for years – now it's time to understand what they really mean

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Win the fight against fraud

Fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in Australia and costs the economy in excess of one billion dollars every year.

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Landlord insurance that exceeds expectations

RealtyProtect landlord insurance provides investment security and protects landlords in the event of unexpected loss

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Notifiable data breach scheme: what you need to know

Keeping quiet in the wake of a cyber security breach is now a thing of the past, after laws mandating notification came into force last year. Here’s a reminder of what you need to know about the scheme.

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You're covered, but are your landlords?

Why property managers should recommend landlords insurance to their clients.

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Don’t shoot the messenger

In what circumstances can a disclaimer effectively relieve an agent from liability? And when is an agent simply the messenger of the information, rather than the source?

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Back to basics: what is professional indemnity insurance and why do you need it

What is professional indemnity insurance and why do you need it?

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That's right, more social engineering scams

The frequency of network security breaches continues to rise. Are you protected?

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Get serious about cyber security

Is your cybersecurity enough? A law firm recently loses over $200,000 in a social engineering scam.

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NCAT 101

Your guide to understanding NCAT and preparing your case.

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Why transitioning to your licence is better for your career

There's no better time to evaluate the longevity of your career than the new year.

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