Representing members' interests to government

REINSW lobbying and advocacy is focused on lobbying for a fair and sensible framework for the property industry and for consumers. We strive to represent member interests, ensuring members' views are heard at the highest levels.

You can download REINSW's submissions below:

 Date  Submission  Download  
 28 August 2018  Addendum to Easy and Transparent Trading: Empowering Consumers and Small Business consultation paper Download PDF 
 22 August 2018  Easy and Transparent Trading: Empowering Consumers and Small Business consultation paper 
Download PDF 
 27 June 2018  Draft Swimming Pools Regulation Download PDF 
 25 May 2018  Complaints Register Guidelines Review: Issues Paper Download PDF 
 10 May 2018  Strata Scheme Management Amendment (Building Defects Scheme) Bill 2018 Download PDF 
 23 February 2018  Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Identification of Buildings with Combustible   Cladding) Regulation 2017 Download PDF 
 31 January 2018  Removing barriers to electronic land contracts Download PDF 
 31 October 2017  Short-term Holiday Letting in NSW Options Paper Download PDF 
 30 January 2017  Position Statement: Statutory Review of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 
Download PDF 
 18 January 2017  Long-Term Residential Tenancies Download PDF 
 5 December 2016  Real Estate and Property Services Industry Reform Paper Download PDF 
 17 October 2016  Amendment to the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 (NSW) Online Rental Bond   Service Download PDF 
 14 September 2016  Retail Leases Amendment (Review) Bill 2016 Exposure Draft Download PDF 
 21 June 2016  Australian Consumer Law Review 2016 Download PDF 
 14 June 2016
 Property, Stock and Business Agents Amendment (Property Reports and Exemption) Regulation   2016 Download PDF 
 25 May 2016  Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016 and Strata Schemes Development Regulation 2016 Download PDF 
 11 April 2016  Proposed Loose-fill Asbestos Insulation Amendment Regulations 2016 Download PDF 
 12 February 2016  Home Building Compensation Fund Reform (joint) Download PDF 
 29 January 2016  Statutory Review of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 Download PDF 
 18 January 2016  Review of training for licensed occupations in the New South Wales property services industry Download PDF 
 9 October 2015  Off-the-plan Sunset Clauses Download PDF 
 10 September 2015  Review of the Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Regulation Download PDF 
 4 August 2015
 Review of iPART's Issue paper - Reporting and Compliance Burdens on Local Government
Download PDF 
 19 May 2015  Review of the NSW Budget 2015-16 - Stamp Duty Bracket Creep Download PDF 
 27 February 2015  Draft Guidelines - Underquoting Property Prices Download PDF 
 26 February 2015  Asbestos - Key issues and recommendations Download PDF 
 23 December 2015  Proposed Amendments to the Building Professionals Board Accreditation Scheme Download PDF 
 16 November 2015  Proposed Amendments to the Building Professionals Regulation 2007 Download PDF 
 19 October 2015  Independent Review of Swimming Pool Barrier Requirements for Backyard Swimming Pools in    NSW
 (27 October 2015: Subsequent submission - Swimming Pools 2015 Review)
Download PDF 
 25 August 2015  Standing Committee on Economics Inquiry into Home Ownership Download PDF 
 13 August 2015
 Review of Strata Schemes Management Bill 2015 and Strata Schemes Development Bill 2015  Download PDF 
 17 December 2014  Review of the Home Building Amendment Act 2014 (NSW) Download PDF 
 1 October 2014  Inquiry into loose fill asbestos insulation Download PDF 
 21 August 2014  Contents of Consumer Complaints Register: Discussion paper Download PDF 
 25 July 2014  Possible Exemption of Commercial Property Agency Work  Download PDF 
 2 July 2014
 Review of IPART's Draft Report on Local Government Compliance and Enforcement  Download PDF 
 13 June 2014  Draft Property, Stock and Business Agents Regulation 2014  Download PDF 
 11 April 2014  Review of the Strata Schemes Management Bill 2014 Download PDF 
 17 March 2014  Review of Revenue Rules No. LT 22 Version 2 (Land Used for Primary Purposes,
 Section 10AA -  Land Tax Management Act 1956 (NSW)) 
Download PDF 
 7 February 2014  NSW Retail Lease Review  Download PDF 
 31 January 2014  Review of the Strata Scheme Management Bill 2014  Download PDF 
 8 August 2013  National Licensing Decision Regulatory Impact Statement  Download PDF 
 23 April 2013  Children and Window Safety Consultation Paper  Download PDF 
 23 January 2013  Reducing Regulatory Burden Issues Paper (Landlord and Tenant Act 1899 and Landlord and
 Tenant (Amendment) Act 1948)
Download PDF 
 14 December 2012
 Reforming Licensing in NSW Issue Paper  Download PDF 
 21 November 2012  Strata and Community Title Law Reform Discussion Paper  Download PDF 
 22 October 2012  Swimming Pools Amendment Bill 2012  Download PDF 
 10 October 2012  National Licensing Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement  Download PDF 
 3 October 2012  Property, Stock and Business Agents Amendment Bill  Download PDF 
 3 October 2012  Funding Our Emergency Services Discussion Paper  Download PDF 
 24 August 2012  Reform of the Home Building Act 1989  Download PDF 
 16 November 2011  Amendments proposed by REINSW to the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 and Residential
 Tenancies Regulation 2010 
Download PDF 
 24 August 2011  Introduction of mandatory professional indemnity insurance
Download PDF