Dawn of a new industrial day

Posted on 9/04/2018
After a long battle, the Fair Work Commission has now finalised the four-year review and the new Real Estate Industry Award.

Beware misuse of stock images

Posted on 9/04/2018
Are you using copyright-free images for your social media and website? Find out three things you can you do to avoid potential problems.

Low risk? No way!

Posted on 9/04/2018
Property management claims are on the rise, which is a growing concern for the real estate industry and consumers alike.

The real domain of disclaimers

Posted on 9/04/2018
Take a moment to consider the disclaimers you have in place.

Strata window safety begins has begun

Posted on 12/03/2018
Find out what affect the new strata window lock laws will have on strata and property managers.